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Hi All

Would like to benefit from knowledge of proud owners of B&W speakers.

I'm thinking of upgrading my speakers in the living room and trying to decide between used B&W CM10 S2 and 804s. Let me explain my current setup first.

Currently I have Kef Q700 fronts, Q600C Centre and Q300 surrounds with a BK XLS200 FF Sub in a 5.1 setup. These are being fed by Anthem MRX 300 AV Receiver with a Rotel RB-993 powering the front three (LCR) speakers. The setup sounds quite good to my ears but I wanted to try B&W for some time now and thinking of taking the dip finally. The room is 11 X 22 feet divided into two seating arrangements. Please note that I have rugs in front of both sofas which are not mentioned in figure. I've attached the layout to give an idea. I can also consider replacing JBL E100's in my dedicated home cinema room which is 14 X 12 feet room upstairs. Usage wise it'll be 60% Music and 40% movies if used in living room and 30% music and 70% movies in home cinema room.

I've heard few demos of B&W speakers at Bristol HiFi show over the years and have only owned a pair of 686 bookshelf for a brief period. But never had proper demo of any of the speakers I'm considering right now i.e. 804s or CM10 S2. I can audition CM10 S2 at a used hifi shop but again these will be paired with different equipment in a different room so it'll difficult to decide. The guy has also offered me to buy these and test at home for a week and can return these if I don't like them. No such option with 804s as most probably will be buying from fleebay.

I've been reading on the forums for few days now and found @BlueWizard comments regarding CM10 and 804D but couldn't find anything on direct comparison between CM10 S2 and 804s.
Thanks for your suggestions in advance.


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