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Hi. I'm using a B&W LCR6 S2 as centre (the model prior to LCR600 S3) and currently using it vertically but to the right of the TV (42" Panasonic plasma). It's position is directly between the front speakers as the TV is to the left of the room. I know that a centre should really be above or below the TV but it's pretty difficult with a speaker of this size. I suppose I'm looking at the following options:
1. Leave it where it is (and avoid the AV police). I don't really notice any sync problems.
2. Buy a large cabinet that will allow me to place it under the TV - speakers in cabinets generally not recommended.
3. Build a strong shelf above the TV and put it there - there's an aesthetic issue here due to wall lights, not going to look neat.

Multichannel music sounds great with it where it is and moving it will compromise that aspect of the setup. Anyone else use one of these vertically as a centre? Advice on any aspects of the above would be welcome.
It should be ok if stood verticle and most people only place them horizontal as its easier to palce one under the tv this way. For best effect you should aim to have the front left and right speakers equal distance from your TV and the centre speaker central to the tv/front speakers but if your happy with the sound then why bother changing things?? :confused:

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