B&W CDM 7NT or Paradigm studio 60?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Perry, Jun 7, 2003.

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    Hi Everybody,

    CDM 7NT or Paradigm studio 60?

    I look forward to your views as to which of these speakers sounded better to you for music, (i.e. popular to classics) and also HT. Of course, I would have to do a listening test but I would like you to share your views. Any idea what is their lowest price at where you are?

    Having made a choice, I would then buy the other speakers in the same series for the surround rears and center for a 5.1 set-up to be used with a subwoofer. The AVR I have decided to buy is Rotel RSX 1055.

    Best regards
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    Perry...the problem with all these things is that whilst other people's opinions are good to hear,in the end,as you say,a listening test,preferably in your own home,using the setup the speakers will be driven by,is the only way to decide.

    To my ears,the B&W's are better speakers by far for music,with a generally neutral balance,whilst the Paradigms are generally quite heavily slanted to sound exciting with AV sources.

    It very much depends on what you will be listening to most,and what your requirements are.

    Be sure to listen not only to those,but also a good number of other brands,to be sure you get exactly what you want.

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