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B&W ASW CM / CDM - Feedback anyone ???

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Nunoc, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Nunoc

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    Mar 14, 2003
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    Cape Town

    Went last week to two different stores to listen to some subwoofers.

    Store 1 -
    Marantz ???
    Pioneer 757ai
    Fronts - N802
    Center - NHTM1
    1st sub - ASW CM (500W)
    2nd sub - ASW CDM (1000W)

    Store 2 -
    Rotel and Yamaha AZ2
    Cant remember DVD player
    Fronts - KEF Q7
    Center - KEF Q9c
    Sub - KEF PSW4000

    ASW CM / CDM
    Played some DVD-A and some scenes from Monsters INC. The sales guy seem to be trying to point out some difference between the two but I could not make it out. Figure he knows the kit backwards so we'll take his word on it as they have a good rep and know what they talking about.
    Thing is it really did not impress me at ALL. I mean it seem to have blended in so well that it dissappeared. Felt more bass from my Q7's at home.

    The store had only received the unit the day before. After playing with the setup a bit and trying a few things we got it playing. Firstly. It sounds much better off the Yamaha than the Rotel. Go figure ??? Using a Y splitter cable and plugging it into the stereo jacks on the Sub also seem to help the sound quality. This sub simply was unbelievably. Mainly tested with stereo and DVD-A but with Movies as well. Tested for over 2 hours. It was very controlled with music but able to go to levels I've never 'hear/felt' before. It was exactly as you read on this forum or reviews in mags. It blended in and you only noticed it was missing when switched off ... but man did you miss it. It's amazing how much you missing and dont even know it.

    My dilemma though.

    I refused to believe the ASW CDM performs so poorly. On paper it sits at -3db @ 20 and -6db @ 15. Power is 1000W.
    Locally it goes for around GBP 1072.
    Anyone have any feedback on either the CM or CDM ???

    The KEF on paper is less impressive -3db @ 25 and -6db @ 22. Power is 500W. It has a handy remote. It however clocks in at GBP 1400.

    Going back to Store 1 with a copy of U571 and try again. Any further suggestions ???


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