B&W abandoned cement factory shots


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Whilst out failing to find any good "over the edge" shots today, I stopped at this abandoned cement factory on the A283 at Coombes near Steyning in W.Sussex (just up from Brighton). What a superb location it would be if you could get inside. I reckon a few notes passed to the rather cool dude who looked after it would work.

Anyway, this is what I got from the outside. I'm experimenting with black & white conversions after looking at this amazing site which is v.inspiring. I have got some of the techniques but as you'll see, there's still some way to go.

Enough natter, here they are shot with a Canon 350D with 17-55 F2.8IS and 70-200F4L, then tweaked violently in Photoshop.

#1 nice flower


#3 excellent graffiti

#4 HDR'd shot then B&W'd

#5 wide angle. No barrel distortion correction yet - hence leaning chimney

#6 welcoming

#7 broken windows

Comments welcome as always.



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All great shots but #2 and the graffiti ones really stand out for me.

In #1 the flower graffiti is a weird but welcome bonus. What colour is this in the original? IMHO it would be cool picking it out.


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Ta folks - nice light there in the late afternoon. I think B&W suited the subject quite well - made it look quite stark and unwelcoming.

That little flower graffiti at the top of the building is quite cute. I'll stick the colour version up in a while - the flower is yellow and stands out quite well. There was loads of graffiti around, a lot of it extremely high quality and often very amusing.


Some great shots there Tobers.:thumbsup:

They look great in B&W, although,Id love to get my hands on them and Hdr some of them.There sre some Ideal candidates for HDR there.

nice job mate.

P.s thats an interesting forum you linked to:smashin:


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Here's that flower pic in colour, and also heavily cropped to show the detail. I really love the 70-200 lens - so sharp!!!






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Nice shots Tobers. Black & White really looks good. I love no. 3 - the graffiti shot.


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Really good mono conversions and they really suit the subject. Nice work! :smashin:


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Can anybody see the hooded monk in the window of the #1 nice flower picture [first window under the flower ] ?? spooky .
great pictures .


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Can anybody see the hooded monk in the window of the #1 nice flower picture [first window under the flower ] ?? spooky .
great pictures .


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