B & W 802v repairs - how much?


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Does anyone have any idea roughly what it costs to repair a pair of B & W 802b speakers. I blew the microphone shaped tweeter and the base unit of one of the speakers when trying a pair of Chord 1400 e Monoblocs. I fear the worst - but does anyone know how costly this could be? Thanks, Andrew Banks


You'll need to get in touch with a B&W dealer, but a tweeter pod repair alone on my HTM1 centre cost me £250-300 alone two years or so back.

You might get off lighter by ordering the spares and doing it yourself (or getting someone to do it for you).

Whatever it isn't going to be cheap as I would guess the crossover boards have gone too.

Can you see physical damage on the tweeter, bass cone?

If not could be just the capacitors/board that have gone.


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Hi, there is no sign of any damage at all. It is also surprising that the other speaker didnt go. I fear it could cost thousands to repair. Very upset - it should have been able to cope weasily with the CHord Monoblocs


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As a total guess, it could hopefully just be the crossover board that has blown (i suspect so, myself, but I'm no expert).

I'd be more worried as to why something's gone, as you suggest.

Fingers crossed for you mate :smashin:


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Thanks I appreciate the comments. Im still going to go for the Chord Monoblocs though as they were brilliant - before the speaker blew.



Sorry to hear about the speakers Andrew :( It sounds like there may have been a fault as the B&W's will definitely handle the Chord Mono amps, they are powerful but it certainly sounds like a fault rather than misuse...I would get the amps looked at too.

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