B&W 704 s2 + Rotel RA1572 mkII


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Hi all,

After quite some research my eyes are on B&W's 704 s2 with Rotel RA1572 mkII and a Node. I haven't heard the mkII version since it was nog available yet, but the 'old' RA1572 sounded really good with those speakers. The one thing I am struggling about is the fact that some reviews complaining about a fatigue sound in this setup. I only listened for about 1 hour, is this something I should worry about in de long run?

I appreciate you thoughts.



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A “fatigue sound” sound is just one person's description/opinion and it has no scientific basis.
It was like a review of an amp I once read where the person writing it described it as sounding “Italian”
If you enjoy the sound then that’s all that matters.
I'm currently running a pair of 706s2 along with Rotel's RC/RB-1590 combo. Fatiguing would be the last word I would think of to describe the pairing. I owned a PS Audio Stellar stack for a while, it paired with just about any speaker caused fatigue, my cat to run away on the first cymbal crash and ears ringing at night.

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