B&W 685 system but with M1 rears - Any experience?


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Trying to buy new speakers for a new house (that keeps changing due to the horrible nature of house buying!) has caused me a lot of problems recently.

However if (and I stress if) I actually make it to completion this time I have the space for half of my dream set up - that is to say the BMW 685 theatre system. BUT and this is a big but I don't really want the bookshelf sized rears. It's not a dedicated room it's my lounge.

So i'm thinking the M1's for the rear. I'm pretty sure i've seen some posts on here from members who've got that set up? Was just wondering if it's a viable option. I accept my rear sound won't be as good as from a bookshelf but to be honest it's the fronts that really matter for me for music and films.

Any experience anyone's had I'd be much obliged.

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