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As the title, I use the 685's with an EPOS ELS sub and am v. pleased with the 2.1 sound for music. However, I now need to get some surrounds. My confusion is whether to get another pair of the 685's for surround or move the current ones to the rear and add in the B&W 684 floorstanders at the front. I'm wondering if the extra bass response the floorstanders have will be as much as the bookshelf speakers+sub combo. Also, that if my av reciever is set between 60-80hz subwoofer crossover, I won't be getting the bass benefits of the 684's anyway:confused: (for movies) I know theres the option of the smaller 686 for surrounds but i don't want them. Seeing as the 684's are nearly double the price of the 685's (which I realy like) Are they going to be worth the extra£££'s? Please comment if you have the same speakers / or had similar decisions to make thanks. Lastly, can I use floorstanders in a 2.1 set up?


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How big is your room? I would only go for such large floorstanders in quite a large room.

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6m (w) x 4.5m (d) would this be considered too small a room for floorstanders technicaly. I have the room ready for them!
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