B&W 685 Speakers- Setup help


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I got the upgrade bug after one year and went out yesturday to demo some new speakers. Im moving up from the AE AEGO T 5.1 package to some bookshelfs i decided on the B&W 685's and a HTM 62 centre ,im gonna upgrade the sub next and then the rears. When i was in the store the salesman said that my current amp the Onkyo 605 may struggle to power the 685's and suggested that i try Bi-Amping them to give a power boost. Is he talking a load of rubbish as I'm going to collect them today and will probably but some new speaker cable. Also I'm thinking of buying the QED XT Silver cable is this overkill? Will it make any difference? Is it worth updating my Amp if so any suggestions? Im gonna mount the speakers on Z2 speaker stands from my hifi. My current system is listed below and i use it for mainly movies but I am looking to use it for music too now hence the upgrade. Any help is much appreciated.

Samsung LEM4088BDX
AE AEGO T 5.1 - to be B&W 685's and B&W HTM62 with existing Sub and rears to be upgraded later
Samsung HD870 DVD

Chris Reed

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I use B&W speakers for the fronts and I biwire them (apparently it's the thing to do if you can).

I use QED Original Bi-wire MKII cable which is 2 terminations at the amp end and 4 at the speaker end.


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