B & W 607's vs Elac B5.2's - Anyone heard a back to back?


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Has anyone heard a back to back of the B & W 607 Anniversary S2's vs the Elac Debut B5.2's ... I'd be really interested to hear what noticeable tonal differences you picked up on?

I have a pair of 607's in one room which is a bit of an acoustic nightmare and a pair of Wharfedale 9.1's in another room and I prefer the comparitive warmth of 9.1's ... BUT .... this could largely be the acoustics in each room and the 9.1's are too deep to go where the 607's are placed.

I would possibly consider others although I'm so limited with depth (the Elacs pushing it at 23.3 cm) and as I'm so close to a window behind thought front rather than rear ported may also help.

If anyone's heard them both back to back, be really appreciative on any input / comparison you may have.

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