B+W 604s series 3



I am interested to hear some feed back from anyone who is using the 604 series 3.

I am considering them as fronts in place of a pair of 602 series 3. My reservation is the room size, 3.5m/4.5m and would they be too much? or would they just be more capable of producing full range of sound ?

Have read a lot of posts from audioreview.com, not a bad word said. They can't be perfect surely.

Look forward to your replies.



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I have demo'd the 603's and 602.5's for my room which is 3.5m by 3.5m and I would have to say that your room might be too small for the 604's but the 603's are more than adequate. They might even be too good. What is your center?

I am planning on getting the 602.5's and lacr60 for my room. Anything else will just echo around the place.

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