B&W 603 Series 2 OR Monitor Audio Silver RS6


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Hi all,

looking to hear your thoughts on these two speakers as both are in a similar price range.

My room dimensions are around 3m x 5m.

Music is mostly beats, jazz, indie and would like to integrate these with my front surround sound setup although the is not essential.

They would be powered by a Cambridge Audio 540r.

Also, what's the step up like from the RS6 to the RS8, is the upgrade worth the extra £200?

Many thanks,


[edit: realise the current amp is a bit pony, but tackling that upgrade next, recommendations welcome :) based on the above speakers]

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went with a mate to demo the rs6's because he wanted better stereo from his denon 2807 amp but also wanted to use them in his surround sound set up,they sounded awsome !!! I know wont some badly but they r not wife friendly:(


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Can I assume you mean the B&W 603 Series 3, the Series 2 models were discontinued quite some time ago?

The only way for you to decide on these speakers is to listen for yourself, get down to your dealer and start listening.


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if you prefer the really tight snap sound to stuff then the MA's will probably win your heart.....if however you prefer more of a warmth to the bite then the 603's will possibly take it....

however as Crusty says, get yourself to a dealer and have a listen, its the only way to tell.....oh and yes, get a more powerful amp...lol...the CA will power the speakers but it wont get the best out of them.....look at Arcams A80, Roksan Kandy, or similar price point amps....especially if you end up getting the RS8's!...in fact i'd say if you go to RS8's consider the A80 and eventually add a P80 to biamp it, always worth the extra ;)

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