B&W 603 or KEF LS50Wireless II


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Hi everyone.
Im looking for system for my living room, I already have Yamaha RX-A2 receiver, and now waiting for B&W 603 with central channel from the same series, also have REL T - zero sub (gift from my friend). Yesterday I heard LS50 Wireless II in store and I was amazed at the sound. The room in which I Plan ti place system is about 200-220 square foot typical living room in Los Angeles apartment. And my questions is, should I return receiver and cancel B&W and go with KEF and REL Sub? I listen different music from AC\DC and Depeche Mode to Armin Van Buuren and Adel :) And mi wife really love to watch shows and movies.
Thank you.


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Did you listen the B&W system before buying? You should be able to return the gear even after listening them at home as lot of people does that in US. LS50 could have edge with music although it needs good sub to partner with, but would be quite tough to build home theater with them. 603 will have larger scale, weight and depth. For music i doubt you need sub with them. Leave 8-12 inches behind the speakers if possible, spread them good amount apart and also play with the toe in angle. The more they point toward listener the brighter they sound, so you might find that only little toe in or not at all (speakers shooting straight) is needed! Naturally place the center channel as close to seated ear height in free air, not inside av-cabinet if possible! Usually it stays bit lower so you can buy couple rubber door stoppers to angle the speaker shooting more upward. The T-Zero is quite useless due to being too small, it just can´t do what is required for certain type movies/shows. In future i recommend that you consider example compact wife friendly Rythmik L12 or SVS SB1000 Pro subwoofers, available in black oak - satin/gloss black/gloss white.


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Thank you for information. I will definitely pay attention to these subwoofers, I have TV stand without cabinets :)


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