B&W 602 vs B&W 603


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hello everybody. i would like to know your opinion about which speaker to choose for my home cinema system. i've started gathering second hand stuff from ebay and such. my current setup is yamaha dsp A2, B&W cc6 + 601, Rel Storm 3. i'm not sure whether to go for 603 or 602 as front main speakers given that i've got the sub already. i would value opinions about which is best options. thanks


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I'm a big fan of the old B&W 600 range - I own some 601's and I have two friends that own the 602's and the 603's respectively. And both love them I hasten to add.

It's fair to say that they all carry the same B&W sound but as you go up through the cabinet sizes, you get a lot more grunt and bottom end. The 603's in particular, I find, like to be driven. They sound their best when played at volume where you can appreciate the characteristics of the speaker.

Secondly - positioning. All speakers like to breath but the bass can be very dominant in a small room when positioned near to walls with the 603. Depending on how your room is furnished will impact this as well. Soft furnishings willl sound less boomy than a sound reflectant wooden floor and lots of glass for example.

B&W offer foam bungs for the ports if you wish - to stifle the bass...but if you're going to do that then maybe the 602 would be a better option?

You mention the sub. Although the 603s will handle lower frequencies than the 602, you'll still extend the bottom end with a good sub.

SO - not a definitive answer from me, but certainly some factors to consider. Hope it helps a little. :thumbsup:


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I totaly agree with the above, i have the 603 s3's and i was considering the 602's but when i worked out the total cost i-e speakers plus stands for the 602's i decided to go for the 603's as there wasn't much in it and im glad i did they sound fantastic especially when bi-amped and b-wired, next door went out the other day and i was able to really crank them up to see what they could do and i was very very impressed, as mine are quite close to the walls (1ft) i use the foam bungs and set them to small and let the sub do the low frequencys and there was not one bit of distortion from them, and at the price they seem to go for on the well known auction site i think they are very good value for money. hope this helps


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thank you both McCraque & The Stig
Appreciate your advise/opinions about these speakers. looks like i'll go for the 603 if i can find a good deal for it. i'll start hunting for them tonight. thanks again for your time/opinion.:thumbsup:


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I've seen them go at wildly differing prices on there. About a week ago a pair of 603 s3s went for £212. Another pair of the same went for £525. Good advert makes a big difference.


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Just like to add that buying second hand 603s or 602s makes sense. I used to have 602s, now have 684s (long story) but in terms of sq, nothing much has changed with the new range. Certainly no "night and day" differences, so if budget is limited, you can save a bucket and end up with some very nice speakers.

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