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B&W 602(s2) frnt and Wharfedale 8.2 rear?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by CouchPotato, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. CouchPotato


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    Hi all,

    I have the afformentioned B&W speakers for my stereo listening, and was wondering as a cheap upgrade would the wharfedale 8.2's be ok for rears?

    As well as TV, I will be listening to a lot of music thru them, it seems the wharfedale speakers are smaller in stature but have a better range (B&W602s2= 52hz-??khz Whafedale 8.2 = 45hz-??khz).

    Can anyone tell me if 8.2s will sound ok mated up to my B&Ws?
    I have listed the 8.2's because they have kevlar cones like the B&W's, will this help or should i choose another speaker?

    any opinion is much appreciated as i have no experience beyond stereo listening.

    thanks in advance


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