B&W 600's setup question


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Hi, I'm going to replace my old JBL Surround by a Yamaha RX-V-540 Amp. and a mix of 600 series speakers .....

So, the listening room is not big ... ( 4 x 5 ) I was thinking on ...

603 front
601 Rear
LCR60 Front

No sub.

Now, I can go for the 602.5 at front, 600 rear and then put the spare money on a small ASW300.

- Will that be a better setup ?

I do not need magnetic shielding (Plasma telly) and I was wondering to use a 600 or 601 for front speaker ... (perhaps 600, since it comes with all brakets)

Will that speaker sound OK hanged from the wall ?
Will be a lot of difference compared with the LCR60 ?

Any input on this setup will be welcomed. I've heared a similar setup on a friend's home and the sound is awesome.

Salva F


i found the 603's excellent for bass.. but maybe not quite as good as a seperate sub. try and find somewhere that you can demo them.. or buy a set of 2nd hand 603's and use the saved cash for a sub as well ;)


I think it depends are what your priorities are,if it was more music I would go the 603s3,but if it was for more A/V,which I think maybe more your case,then I would go for 601 for the fronts with a sub,as it will go deeper than the 603 would.


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I have a very similar setup, but would suggest one thing. If you can afford it go with a LRC 600 as the centre rather than the 60.

I currently have 603 S3 on the front, CC6 s2 centre and 601 S2 on the back, 675 Sub. as the CC6 matches the 601 S2 I was going to make this a back centre and buy a LRC 600 as a replacement front centre. The LCR 600 is closer match to the 603 than the 60 is.


The LCR600 may be more of a match for the 603's but it is massive & very heavy. You will not easily hang this on the wall!

Many people have recommended ignoreing the 602.5's as they are said to be the weakest link in the 600 series.

I agree that a better option would be smaller speakers and a sub as without it you will miss all of the LFE with DVD and no speakers (at anything close to a reasonable cost) will give the sheer bass rumble that really makes watching DVD's fun!



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OK, I Demoed the 603 on friend's house, and boy, they are awesome ...

OK, I've make my mind ...

602 Front
601 Rear
Front .... 602, 601 or LCR60 ...
Sub (To be decided, but there will be)

Now, that leaves open the center issue .. as for match if I fit a 602 as center .. they are perfectly matched ... (they are de same indeed). I've no problem into fitting it over the telly, since is going to be plasma.

-Any, comment on that central issue ?

I will prefer 601 on the center (just for the size), but 602 will be a better match.

Now, regarding the sub .. I'm looking for options rigth now.

I will post that on a diferent thread, but I have the feeling that is not going to be B&W, they are a little bit "overpriced".



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I'm going with a very similar option:

602s front L & R
601s rear L & R
LCR60 centre - LCR600 is too big
ASW600 Sub

I've been quoted £980 all in - anyone knwo where I can beat that?

Salva - what sort of prices are you getting?


you are very unlikely to see any B&W's advetised at any discount, but if you go into a dealer and wave money under their nose with the threat of walking if they don't offer a discount you should get around 10% off.



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Had a feeling that was the case! I think that price is pretty good, I haven't been able to get anywhere near it with some suppliers.

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