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Feb 22, 2003
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Upgrade Suggestions Please!!

Hi I've currently got a Denon 2105 which I'm looking to change/upgrade. The system is used about 60/40 for movies, tv/ music.
You'll see my spec in my signature. Budget would be up to about 2k and I want plenty of power coupled with clarity please.
Hope there'll be plenty of good suggestions.
Thanks for your help.

Rick :thumbsup:
Personally I like what I have now got. For 2K you could get (at a push ;) ) the DV79 and AVR300. Both sound and picture are awesome for the money :thumbsup:

Link your H57 and DV79 up via HDMI-DVi and wow :smashin:
Thanks mate - I demo'd an AVR 300 earlier this year and liked the sound very much.

Keep the suggestions coming lads.

If you like the speakers you could get something like the Pioneer 10axi as io think they ahve scome down to the 2k mark as is the older flagship sony but the sound from either of these would be different from the denons.

Otherwise yuor moving into pre/power territortity, if you like the decoding on the Denon you could always get a/some power amps would probably be better value for money power wise and just denon as a processor (at least for now).

If you consider this, put a thread up on the pre/power forum as there will be plenty of help there, i'd firstly point you in the way of the rotel 5 channel power amps as they seem to be very popular arround here.
i think denon has a cut down version of their 10channel behemoth now, has the usual 7 channels, but a lot of the specs are similar, incl HDMI switching i think.....plus down and upconversion of signals....i'm sure it was somewhere close to your budget, but may be ever so slightly above it....however if you enjoy the Denon sound (as i do) then its worth a thunk :)
thanks boys you don't know the model no. of the denon do you?
One more question - what is a pre amp / power amp and what do they do exactly?
Integrated amp: All in one box.

Pre/power amp: Preamplification and processing in 1 box, power amplification in another. Normally purchased as a matching pair and reassuringly more expensive!

I would add to the above recommendations the following. With the budget you have, now is the best time to establish a relationship with a High Street dealer (if you have not done so already). The stuff you want is not available for mail order, nor would you want it to be. Go in, tell them what you want, listen then haggle
Thanks very much - got any recommendations for a pairing - and do I keep the 2105, if so what part does it play in the equation?
If music is important to you then it may be worth going for a seperate stereo amp and using it to power you fronts, using the pre-out from your reciever for movie watching. This obviuosly complicates things a little with regard to remotes and connections but would give better performance.

You could got with a Nad 352 amp for the stereo as it is considered very good (better than pretty much any multicahannel reciever) and has decent power and then either stick with your current amp or move over to a nad reciever too, so to keep everything in the family so to speak. This would probably still be below your 2k budget by quite a bit and would alow you to buy a new high end DVD player (although the denon seems more than decent) or just keep the money.

If music is less important to you, then you could go with a multichannel power amp instead, there are a fair amount of these arround and you could have your pick of them for 2k (well upto a certain leauge anyway).

Audio lab kit is ment to be very decent and good with music too, 7.1 or bridge the fronts for 5.1

Heres a nad power amp, and there power is quoated at what it can deliver

The good thing about going with a power amp is that amps haven't really evolved that much in recent years, in comparision to HC tech. This means you could buy yourself a good amp now and in the future all you need is a decent processor for all the latest technology, meaning you could potenitaly have a new highend system for half the cost.

By all means you should demo if you can and with high end stuff like this some dealers even alow you to demo the stuff in your home to give you a better idea of what you want.

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