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B-Spec Bobs


Active Member
Figured i'd start a thread for the B-Spec aspect. Hows everyone finding it??

Im currently training up my 2nd driver, its quite frustraiting watching them 'should i?' behind cars and tippy-toe around corners when you know you'd be throwing the car down the inside and passing about 4 of them into T1 while you guy stop-start's like he's a learner driver, but its good fun still, and having to manage their stress is a challenge.

I even managed to find a Bob who shares my surname, spotted another competitor using it just before i was allowed a 2nd driver, so when creating my 2nd guy i kept clicking next till i found my surname :thumbsup:

Biggest disappointment has to be that at least in the beginner class, if you want them to win they need to have a noticably faster car then the others, as they'll get pwned by AI who arent afraid of getting side by side, and ive seen some right cheaky :censored: dives which my guy would never do in a million years and they've been spot on moves too. Hopefully once trained up they'll be more capable and more adventurous, afterall the AI can do it so my AI should have it in them too.

Got them up to lvl 7 & 3, done more races with B-Spec than A-Spec events so far.


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I didnt really get it to be honest. Tried a race came, 3rd after my guy spun out as he over did it. Just dont really see the appeal when you can be racing? Maybe it will grow on me, but at least for now i think i'll concentrate on the A-spec.


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its a fun diustraction as well as a money and prize car earner. I've only done 3 races, and yes my driver is in a car far above all ther others but i guess as he levels up he can switch to more competitive cars. One thing i miss is the ability to speed up the race (as in gt4) this would be ideal for longer races. Otherwsie its a great way to admire your cars while still earning money/cars.


Active Member
Having played the team manager/leader/bossyboots in other racing sims through 12-24h events this allows me to boss them about and recollect our former glory.

I also like it cos i use the left monitor to race, right monitor to watch tv eps, check emails, post on here etc at the same time, and cant do both whilst im driving... yet ;)


I find it brings out my evil side.

I just keep telling my driver to up the pace and overtake until he gets pegged in the red, has a thrombo and chucks it into the scenery.


Distinguished Member
My B-Spec driver was winning a race on Fuji speedway, the final lap and he then went and spun the car at turn 2, being the nice chap that he is, he allowed the other 11 drivers to go past him before rejoining....:mad:

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