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One of the screens on my list to view is a Beo8, which is by far the most expensive, so it will have to be pretty well perfect in every way to come out trumps.

Just wondering if the Beo8 can be used with non B&O sound gear. I take it from what I have read, pretty much what ever you watch will be sourced from outside the Beo8 tv. Set top box, sky, ntl, dvd etc.

I currently channel all pics and sound through and AV reciever, picture to a lovely old 7802, and sound via a power amp to floorstanders.

It would seem a shame to do the same again, and have the Beo8 speakers doing nothing.

Is there any way to watch general tv with the Beo8's own speakers and have the option of running say a pre out from the Beo8 to the AV reciever ?

Cheers for any thoughts


i used to really rate bno gear , but the last few years they've fallen further and further behind while jacking up the prices and making some awful looking stuff

the bv8 is a case on point

32" lcd for £3k but NO FREEVIEW

yep , you have to stick a box on the back on a tv costing that much , a laughable cludge that is tbh crazy in this day and age

plus it looks naff has mediocre connections and the stand looks like something from ikea's skip

take my advice - steer well clear of bno unless you've won the lottery or are a sad poseur out to impress people who don't really care in the first place :D

deaf cat

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Ah your not too keen on B&O then:D

TBH I don't like the look of the speaker thing, but the main point being I can live with what ever design the thing is and what connections it has as I'm not really into tv in a big way, SD only at the mo.

Picture quality is what I'm after, and to make things simple, good sound would be a plus, but Picture comes first. Design, connections etc not fussed about (so long as its black:))



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If you buy a B&O then basically you've got more money than sense. The same or better performance can be had for a third of the price. Seriously, don't be fooled into thinking it has to be better cos it costs more

deaf cat

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along the lines of...... maybe..... panasonic, pioneer, sony, samsung....?

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