B&O Beovision 5 connection hdmi/apple tv to scart on tv

Bob Mitchell

Novice Member
I have a Beovision 5 that has served me well for years but only has scart input.
I would like to purchase Apple TV/or a Now TV box and these are only HDMI.

Question is..
Are there any Source (HDMI) to SCART convertor boxes that work?

Yes picture quality won't be hdmi.
It seems a shame to change a very good tv, just to get Now TV/Apple TV working

Andrew McDowell

Novice Member
Hi, did you find any resolution to this? I have nearly exactly the same issue. I did get a HDMI to SCART from ebay, it works the picture is very poor and washed out on a BeoVision 7 32. So i'm looking for a 'quality' option?
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