B&O BeoLab2 - anyone try this yet?


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Was wondering around Manchester city centre recently when I passed the B&O shop and saw this funky subwoofer in the shop window. As subs go this gets 11/10 for looks, as you'd expect from the Danish stylemeisters, but has anyone put one of these through its paces yet? It apparently retails at £1350. This thing is seriously small too, btw. Neat features include filter presets for freespace, wall and corner loading, which is nice, and it has a (peak?) power rating of 850W so presumably it can move some air. Bass cutoff is quoted at 23Hz (no -dB value, though). Objet d'art or objet d'amour? or both?



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I've had a listen as my mate runs the shop in Marlow, and as with all B&O kit, looks fantastic, superb build quality and sounds..... OK. You could get a much better sounding sub for £1400, but I guess you knew that.
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