'B' Movie top 100! Yeah!


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Blair Witch Project - surely a 'modern' B movie.


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Any recent shark film :D


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Films that stuck out from my youth(for various reasons):-

Night of the Comet (already mentioned)
The Thing
Assault on Precinct 13 (original)

Probably a hundred more locked away in the deep recesses of my brain :)
Of course people forget what an vital road safety message Night of the Comet has (right at the end)...
(Plus the important discussion of the advantages of Uzis over Ingrams for young women in a tight bind...)
BTW many years ago it showed up in BBC2's Art House slot late at night with an introduction by Alex Cox (Dir: Repo Man) who discussed the use of filters amongst other things.

Oh and I forgot:
Gun Crazy (1950) - for that single take in the Car on its own... out in public (not on a backlot)...

IIRC the movie has the first and only take...
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There’s some positive buzz (if you can call it that!) about Deep Blue Sea 3 - has the original Deep Blue Sea had a mention on this thread? LL Cool J as a wisecracking cook, anyone?

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