b and w fpm 5 problem with sound


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Hi - need some help regarding my set up i have a denon amp 1910 just hooked up the following b and w 685 front and fpm 5 for centre.

The centre i am getting what i can only describe as a fuzzy feed back it sound awful.

I purchased these ex demo without demo but it does carry a warranty hoping it is not busted i have checked the polarity they are fine can anyone help?


swap the speakers around first so you can rule out several problems at once.

i.e cabling, amp issues, speaker issues let us know how you get on...


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i did this took an hour or so and would you believe it i had left the bracket screws in place which are used for the speaker if using speakers. I have this speaker on the wall also the washers used to mount the bracket were vibrating against the metal base. Thanks for reply the speaker is great working well with the 685


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right well maybe i spoke to soon i seem to be getting feed back on digital dolby all other settings seem to be ok any ideas


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ok after many hours i found out the feedback hiss is coming out of one of the base cones the other one sounds fine i have tried different positions cableing etc only happens when speach comes out of the speaker all other sounds ok but the sound is constant.

any ideas i think the speaker is damaged i have 5 year warranty on it but retailer in scotland i live down south so hoping not the problem

So did you swap the left and right speakers around as your post is a little confusing.

Its more likely to be a trouble with the amp rather than the speaker.

Swap the left and right speakers over, you can do this at the amp end. Then see if the hiss comes from the other speaker this time.

If it does then its most likely a fault with the amp.

Let me know what happens after you've done this or if you already have...


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sorry for the confusing post its the center speaker that is making the noise i had swapped it for the left front speaker and had originaly thought that it was ok but upon testing it again this morning its still making the noise i have also tested my old centre speaker and it does not make the same noise so thinking its the speaker itself rather than amp the noise is difficult to explain very tinny and scrathing. i think tweeter has gone. hope that make sense

thanks for your help
Yep thats easier to understand so when you swapped it for the left did the sound go?

Is there any obvious marks to the drivers (mid/tweeter)

Try gently pushing the mid range driver in with your fingers if you can hear a scraping sound then the voice coil will of gone although you can't try this with the tweeter.

If your happy you've ruled out the centre channel being faulty on the amp and any cable issues then you'll have to take the speaker back for a refund or repair!


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I will give that a try i have an old denon 1909 in the garage i will fire that up and try that as well should get to the bottom of it will let you know thanks again
At least if you explore all these avenues you can give the dealer a full explanation of what you've done and then be certain the speaker is faulty as opposed to any other factor.


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done a bit of a u turn it seems its my amp that causing the problem as i tested it with old denon and speaker is fine. Not heard of this sort of problem but seems the amp is causing the problem? off to richer sounds to test it luckily i paid for their five year warranty cover. Anyone else come across this problem?
I thought it would be the amp, pretty rare for the speakers to go wrong!

At least you can get it fixed in warranty :) and still got another amp you can use!


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ok but why can i not replicate the sound when i used my old denon amp? Any suggestion on how to get a definitive answer
My understanding was.....

With the 1910 amp you have interference on the centre channel.

Once you swapped to the 1909 you didn't

Therefore the problems lies in the 1910's centre channel output which is causing the interference?

I very much doubt the actual speaker will have any problems itself unless the driver has gone on the centre speaker but from what I understand you've swapped the speakers around to rule this out.

If all the above is correct and your 1910 is under warranty then send it back to get repaired.

Job done!
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Well went to richer sounds amp in hand they tested speaker on their amp same sound be it intermittent so it's speaker called people brought it from hi fi corner brilliant they sorted it with b and w who are collecting it tomorrow for repair job done thanks for everyone's input great as ever all I need is pair of 686 for rears to complete set up

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