AZATOM iBigboy 2A - iPad Speaker Docking Station


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I think I will take the plunge and purchase one to see what it's like the tech guy from azatom seems like he knows what he is saying or maybe good sales pitch but worth a punt for the money


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a little review I found which was rated 5/5
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Technical specifications
■Speaker Dimensions – 2 x 2.5cm tweeter, 2 x 13cm crossover mid carbon fiber cones, 1 x 26cm sub, 2x 6cm polished fast flow bass ports
■Max Power – 500W
■Class D amplifier
■Impedence – L/R: 4 ohm, Sub: 4 ohm
■Sensitivity – 90dB +/- 3 dB
■Frequency Response – L/R: 200 – 20Hz, 20 – 200Hz
■Dimensions W x D x H – 581mm x 220 x 860mm
■Weight – 24.1kg
■Crisp 200W RMS
■2.1 Stereo Channel Output
■Light, Touch Sensitive Buttons
■AM/FM Radio
■LCD Digital display
■Alarm/Clock Function/Snooze
■Fine adjustment bass control
■Subwoofer on/off switch
■Polished Piano Black Finish
■Magnetic removable speaker cover
■Black wood front facia finish
■Composite video out
■S- Video out
■AUX input
■Black sleek remote contol full function

Compatible with:
■iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 3G, 3, iPhone 2GS, 2G, 2
■iPod Touch 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th generation
■iPod Nano 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th generations
■iPod Classic all generations.


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not sure this thread should be in here as you can connect to most devices with outputs and its not Apple specific


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Well first impressions very good, fantastic sound quality a little low on the volume for iPad and iPhone but when streaming Internet radio volume sounds ace


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Been toying with the idea of getting this too, seems to get nothing but high praise.

I always prefer to hear systems first, that's my only frustration.


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Azatom certainly looks like a great British (North-East) brand to me - their website is superb and their Amazon store seems pretty busy.

Unfortunately, their stuff seems wholly built for the iPhone/Pad/Pod community and there's a lot of us out there who don't subscribe to that.

They are now starting to build bluetooth & wi-fi into products, and seem to recognise Android devices are growing like wildfire.

For me, the whole Azatom portfolio lacks a DAB/DAB+ radio and their inclusion of a USB slot seems sporadic. If they were to release an iWood4 or Stealth Air with DAB+ and USB I'd buy several and recommend to all and sundry. Fingers crossed they'll get the message eventually. Azatom could do some serious damage to the market share of Roberts, Ruark, etc if they just could tweak their offering. There's a real gap in the market for reasonably priced, high quality, room-filling RMS wattage, all-in-one DAB/USB/etc equipment.



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Hi,just got the ibigboy 2a ,awesome,does anyone know if this thing have a cooling fan,its just that i get a noise when i start this thing up.



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Not sure just a buzzing soubd its intermittent as this is in the conservatory thus very little use


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Old thread I know but feel I have to say something about this device as the manufacturers fail to... Azatom don't seem to do any sales or marketing apart from exhibiting at shows!

Two months ago I bought the latest version of the Azatom iBigboy, the AZATOM iBigboy 2A ICD BTX. This version comes with Bluetooth, FM Radio, Aux in and number of docking widgets that means you can dock just about anything in it (we successfully dock iPhones and Google Nexus phones in it). I mostly use it with a Logitech Squeezebox Touch streamer, but also bluetooth Spotify from my phone (and handily the iBigboy remote can control Spotify, something Azatom weirdly fail to mention on their sales blurb).

The most noticeable thing is that the sound is immense, very, very loud. And the bass is huge. There is no system below £1000 that has bass anything like this. It is simply awesome (and I very rarely use that word). It must be the the weight of the thing coupled with the large woofer that enables the bass to be so strong. (The class D amp probably helps a little too.)

I use mine in my kitchen/diner which has three exits to the outside (I live in a field). Using the two handholds in the back I can move the device to point through any of the doors (good for outdoor parties and gardening). The thing is high and wide but it's not very deep (180/200mm maybe) so it fits very neatly on the end of a row of kitchen units or on a side wall.

I understand that the original units suffered from some fan noise (or buzzing). Azatom have cured this now and, as soon as the music stop it enters silent mode. No noise at all.

The only two 'wants' I have for this unit is built in stereo separation (it's practically a mono device) and DAB radio rather than FM.

Other than that it's nigh on perfect....

Oh, the price. Azatom sell it from their web site for £300. Yes £300. Unbelieveable. I'd have easily paid £500 for this.

If this suits your requirements don't hesitate to buy it. You won't be disappointed. Although it sounds very good at low volumes too I don't think this device is for flat dwellers, not unless your flat is very well sound proofed.

AZATOM iBigboy 2A ICD BTX - iPad - iPhone - Android - Samsung Docking Station with Wireless Bluetooth®


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I've been considering getting one of those for another room. If you fancy adding a review, comparing it to the iBigboy I'd appreciate it. The lack of exposure the Azatom products get is quite frustrating.


I have a ibigboy and it was paired to an old phone that was stolen. I cant seem to get it back into connection mode as it seems to think it is still paired? any ideas on how to do this?

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