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After a recommendation from a friend I started looking into Axiom speakers as an alternative to the B&W 600 system i have been considering. I picked a system at about the price i would be paying for 602 fronts, 601 rears, LCR 60 centre and a Velodyne CHT-10 sub, the Epic 50 ( at $1567.

I got a response to my email within a few hours.

Dear Mr. xxx,

We have no dealers in the UK at this time. Any of the Marantz receivers you mention would mate nicely with the Epic 50 system.

In a general way, Axiom's speakers are somewhat more linear with greater midrange detail than B&W speakers are. During a long period that I edited Canada's largest audio/video magazine (Sound&Vision Canada), our tests of B&W speakers vs. Axiom and some of our Canadian competitors usually revealed the B&Ws to have a somewhat warmer bass (leaning towards plumpness or excessive "fatness"), with more recessed midrange and duller treble.

In the Axiom lineup, our M80ti, M60ti and M22ti are very typical of the ultra-linear highly detailed frequency response. The M50ti, M40ti, and M3ti are a little "softer" in the midrange.

The complete cost of the Epic 50 home theater system, including delivery via FedEx three-day air, and all import duties and taxes, is : £1,459

Thanks for your interest in Axiom!

Kindest regards,

Alan Lofft
Axiom Audio Resident Expert
[email protected]

At that price I would have to pick a system quite a bit further down the range, but the whole point in looking at Axiom was to get a smaller system anyway. A big point against the B&W system is the amount of space it's going to take up.

So a few questions of things:

1. The price. What exactly do I have to pay when importing a system like this $1567 is about £1015. They are asking for £1459, so I assume there is VAT, but what/how much is import duty? How about 3 day air, i assume that costs quite a bit from Canada?

2. Looking at the spec they have very high efficeincies, but they quote 2 numbers:

The M22ti for example:

SPL in Room 1w/1m 93 dB
Anechoic SPL 1w/1m 89 dB

Which of these numbers do I compare with the 90db for the B&W 602? Why do they give 2, never seen that before.

3. Is he right about how the axioms will sound, anyone heard them to compare to the B&Ws? I demoed the B&Ws yesterday and really liked the sound.

Anyway, any opinions you have, any place you know I could demo some Axioms, any info at all would be useful.




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Hi Daneel!

Hmmm you asked representative of company A why you shouldn't buy his product??? What answer were you expecting? What he says sounds critical - a 'duller' treble sounds bad, but he's being comparative. It may well be that the Epics are quite bright sounding, ie with a forward treble tilt.

If you import stuff from the US you will have to pay both import duty and VAT - just make sure the retailer doesn't hit you for US sales tax too (because you don't have to pay that; I've been ripped this way because the retailer just pockets it - but I'm sure Axiom would not). If you know someone stateside you can trust you could give them the money to buy it and have them ship to you 'second hand' or similar thus avoiding some of these costs... but you'd still have to be careful!

You'd pay VAT on top of import duty so divide £1,459 by 1.175 and you get £1,247. Subtract the US dollar price (which should not include US sales tax) and you are left with £232 for import duty and shipping, which sounds about right...

Was it Semi who inspired you to look at Axiom? Just curious...

Personally I suspect the Axiom Epic speaker range to be rather bright 'detailed' sounding as he said, quite sensitive given the driver complement and cabinet size but not necessarily smoother or offering better bass. Also the sub is a ported one and generally they tend not to go as deep or as clean or fast as a sealed enclosure-type subwoofer. A Velodyne, B&W or REL would likely be superior IMO. The Epic sub's -3dB cutoff is 32Hz..., 22Hz at -9dB. I think you can do better!

Yes they are quite efficient speakers in-room, more so than the B&Ws. Generally I like the sound of high-efficiency speakers but then I'm talking 100dB/W/m+! Such speakers need careful partnering though. I don't think very many manufacturers quote anechoic figures because they have little resemblance to real-world performance.

If you want my real opinion I think you should be very sure about shipping these speakers because once you get them here you aren't really going to be able to change your mind. I've nothing particularly against Axioms - they're very popular and there's usually a reason for that - but I'm not inclined to think they're the best you can get though.

Did you manage to try out the B&Ws? Have you tried any other speaker ranges?


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All I know is Axiomaudio speakers are quite well favoured in the US.


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All academic now anyway. Today I bought:

B&W DM602s3 fronts
B&W DM601s3 rears
B&W LCR60 center

Velodyne CHT-10 sub (thanks Eric)

I'm a little concerned about what Eric said about the B&Ws. Slightly warm bass I don't mind, but recessed mid-range and dull trebble!!???

I demoed the 602.5s3 with 601 rears and a LCR60 center a few days ago. The sub was a £200 Mission. I REALLY liked the sound, the mid-range and highs sounded clear and detailed to me, but of course, I don't have a lot of experience with this stuff.

The bass was a bit boomy, but I put that down to the floor standing 602.5s and the not so great sub.

Hrm...I'm a bit worried now. :(


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The boomy sound you report came from the speakers you demoed a few days ago or from the ones you bought?

Setting a sub up is time consuming and difficult, especially for an inexperienced person (no offence!). If you want help from this just give a shout! If you are getting a 'booming' sound now it's most likely either your sub or a tone control on your amp turned up. Tone controls generally should be avoided (except for fun!!!). Where in the room have you put the sub, and your front speakers?

Hey I wouldn't worry too much about Uncle Eric... :) It sounds to me like you are happy with the mid/treble performance (not surprising to me) and you just need to tame the bass from your sub most likely.

Now I'm gonna laugh if a velodyne is the cause of boomy bass... considering all the criticisms made of REL lately :)

[Daneel, I've PM'd you]


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The description I gave refered to the demo system. From what I have read and heard, the 602.5 is based on the 601 which isn't quite as good a speaker as the 602.

I think my combination of 602 fronts with good sub will give a better sound through all ranges, particularly in the bass, compared with the 602.5 with average sub I heard in the demo.

The receiver I demoed was a Marantz SR5300, I'm getting the SR7300.

I really have no clue how to set anything up. Particularly, I don't know what settings (large, medium, small) to use for the speakers. The SR7300 haas a variable crossover, given the CHT-10 sub has a high pass of 85Hz I would assume I want to use the 80Hz crossover on my recevier, the options are 80, 100 and 120Hz.

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