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Jan 27, 2002
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OK, so the pronto 950 is now only £199 at, which is effectively the same price as the basic Axim X3 from Dell.

My current pronto is dying (leaking LCD), and I need to be able to control a Tivo, so good cursor controls and lots of hard buttons is needed.

Does the Axim have enough buttons accessible by total remote to be usable with just hard buttons for basic Tivo / sky etc? Or would I be better off with the pronto 950?

IR range needs to be at least 10-15 ft, and I'm not too bothered about battery life (I can charge it nightly if necessarily)

Now, can anyone give me the practical differences between the two? I'd be primarily using them for remote control, but can't help seeing colour, plus a wifi upgrade for email/web browsing etc and being tempted by the Axim. Stuff like mp3 playback or streaming internet radio to a walkman style is also tempting.
Well, I had an Axim with the IR extender and TVRemote software. It was excellent but at the end of the day the dedicated remote won. Can't really answer why, but do know the novelty of checking mail on a tiny screen soon wore off and when it came down to just using it as a remote it was both over specced and overly complicated.

Screen not switch on when pressed.
No constant volume button (have to repeatedly press)
Buttons act on release not press

Just my views but the Axim was sold and I now have several Prontos inc. a TSU3000, TSU7000 and an iPronto.

so really its the basic stuff, like volume control etc that make it clumsy? Did you have an older Axim or one of the newer ones? I think the X3s all have consumer IR so shouldn't need an extender - maybe the software is better too?

I'm only looking at the 950 mono pronto, but I am familiar with it, and it does have more hard buttons (although still not enough for a nicely laid out cursor cluster + transport controls)
I had an early Axim but the TVRemote software has not changed. I think there are others out ther now though which also support CCFs so they may be better. I'd be keen to know if the new IR strength is suitable.

I have a 950 (US TSU3000) and it is excellent but screen is the let down (not too bad though if you design properly making use of the full 16 grey shades). better than original b&w ones but nothing like the 7000 or iPronto.

The 950 still has more hard buttons so still better IMO.
I bought a Pronto 950 recently and as Messiah says, the display lets it down. I also felt that the general quality of materials in no way justified the price tag (I paid 199 from Let's Automate) Finally, as a newcomer to Prontos the thing was totally confusing and frustrating to use, crashing frequently.

I sent it back (along with the cradle and RF repeater) for a refund and would like to thank Let's Automate for their excellent service.

I am now looking into PDAs as remotes, possibly the Dell Axim X3i, although I'm a little wary of the button maping issue and lack of repeat function for volume, etc. Does anyone have a workaround for this?
I'll need to double check but at least the transmit light flashes several times if I use the hard cursor on my iPAQ H2210 with TVRemote Pronto emu (I have the amp vol on up/down, ntl channel up/down on left/right and amp mute on press, in the home screen). Actually it does the same on the LCD buttons.

Main thing that has be thinking of the ProntoPro NG is the limited range (well more the directionalisam) and a couple of devices that just don't learn & downloaded CCFs don't work for (Pan HS930 SVHS and Pio 919 LD/DVD). But the SVHS does work in Nevo, from the database. :rolleyes:
At the end of the day the dedicated remotes work best at what they were designed for - being a remotre control.

PDAs are great but they are never designed for that purpose. Yeah, they look great, they're flashy, have lots of features but they don't do any one thing brilliantly. Pronto's control things brilliantly.

I guess MattB was just unlucky cos my 950 has been nothing short of perfect. The TSU7000 is even better (with the gorgeous colour screen). Mine has never faltered, failed or broken down (touch wood). Quite simply it does excatly what it says on the tin (or box :) )
are the X3's still directional? I thought they (and the HP2210) had consumer IR, so should be fine for remote control use (albeit not as powerful as a pronto)
Yep they are not as good as a dedicated remote i wish they were .When executing complex macros this is a problem

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