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I put in an order with them for 2 HD-DVD's but then i noticed i forgot to put in my CC2 number (last 3 digits on back of bank card) so i canceled the order and then i had a re-think and decided not to reorder.

Looked at my bank account and they have taken the money from me and have just added vouchers onto my Axel account!!, what the hell is this all about ??

I have e-mailed them telling them i am not happy about this at all, i asked for the order to be canceled, not for them to take money out of my account and then just shaft some vouchers onto my account.

Also how is it possible for them to take money from my account without the CC2 number ? i never supplied it when i put in the order and that was the first reason i wanted to cancel the order, but after i canceled it i changed my mind and thought nah i didnt want the HD-DVD's anymore.

Has this happened with anyone else ? i canceled them 2-3min after putting in the order so why have the taken money from my days later !!

I am not happy about this one bit.


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afaik all the merchant needs to take your money is the card number itself - the rest of the info (cc2 digits/expiry date etc etc) are just for security checks which the merchant can perform if they see fit.
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