AX5i/DV757ai setup problem


I wonder if any present/past AX5i owners could help me with a little problem that I have come across with the setup of my 757 with my AX51.

I have my 757 connected to my AX5 by i-link and nothing else. When I turn on my amp and dvd player to play a dvd/cd/sacd etc it flashes "link check" and the i-link connction is established.

However, if I then press the DVD/LD source button on the amp remote the amp changes to the DVD/LD input and the sound disappears, presumably because the amp looks to the DVD/LD input which of course has no connection to the dvd player.

Is there any way that I can set the amp to accept an i-link input on the CD and DVD inputs on my amp? It is annoying to have to try and restart the DVD player to get the sound through the i-link connection.

Is there some way that I can do this or am I missing anything really simple?

Many thanks for any help you can provide,



You can either use the Input Select button, next to the power button on the amp's remote, to loop through the various input options until you get to i-link, or alternatively:
1. Press the DVD source button on the remote with both the amp and dvd player turned off
2. Turn on the DVD player
3. Turn on the amp
4. Play the DVD

Doing things in this order will prevent the amp switching away from the i-link input when you play the DVD


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Hi Jon,

Don't know how relevent this is, I don't have an AX5. Is there an entry in your setup to assign the ilink input to a source and if so is it set to DVD? Second do you have a input select on the handset or the amp and is it defaulted to ilink or auto for Dvds? Your getting the link check so I'd figure the amp and player are talking.

I needed to assign a source in the setup menu for the ilink to work (the player needs to be on when you do this). Since I sometimes turn the ilink off, the input select for Dvds is set to auto so that it auto switches to the optical.


Thanks for the help so far.

What bugs me about the setup is that if I have been watching sky with the amp set to SAT/TV and then I want to watch a dvd then when I turn the dvd player on after selecting the DVD input on the amp remote then it doesn't automatically use the i-link and I get no sound from the amp. I have to go through gthe rigmarole of turning the amp and the dvd player off and on.

Also, if I was listening to the dvd player for cds and then want to watch a dvd and press the dvd source button to control the dvd then the amp flicks to the dvd input and hey presto no sound.

Is there any way that I can set the amp to have all sources from the dvd play through the i-link? I have searched the manual but can't find anything.

Do you think it worth asking on the pioneer website?



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Have you been into the setup menu on your ax5i?

You will see the Input Assign option. No. 3

Select it and will then be presented with I-link input.

Again select that option and you sould be presented with DV - 757ai.

This page will allow you to cycle thru the different inputs until you have dvd/ld highlighted.

Exit out and that should be it ...problem solved.

All the best



Great, it works! I had the input set to the dv757ai without it specifically pointing to the DVD/LD input - thanks for your help!



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Glad it's sorted Jon

Take care


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