AX3 cuts out! –_speaker connections?


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dear all,

Having a problem. I recently added a centre speaker to my setup, a B&W which is capable of bi-wire input. I purchased QED SA Bi-wire for it to match the front two B&W speakers, and connected it up, but when i plugged it all in and played a movie disc, after a few seconds the amp switched onto standby i.e. switched itself off. I kept trying, sometimes it would play for a few seconds, but when it seemed to get louder this would trigger it to switch itself off.

I messed about with the settings/connections, and noticed that if i take two of the bi-wire connections out of the centre it sorts it out, but should this be the case, after all, the centre is bi-wirable?
How and why is this happening, and should i just leave it the way it is. I am finding the centre a bit 'bass-ey'.




I think the bi-amp option is meant only for the front left/right pair...

I take it that you selected the bi-amp option in the setup menu?
This causes the the front left/right signals to be sent to 2 amps each.


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I'm trying to bi-wire the centre (B&W LCR60).
The front two (B&W CDM 1NT's) have QED Silver ann Bi Wire cable.

I mean the centre connection terminals, which are bi-wire capable.

Any ideas?



Be worth checking whether any strands of the speaker cables are touching each other at the connectors (i.e. “shorting out”). This could cause the amp to go into standby.
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