AX3 and Banana clips



I've just bought a set of gold plugs, puresonic or something. Anyway, I think i've made a big mistake as it seems the AX3 wont take them, as in the manual it only gives instructions on fitting bare speaker wire into it.
Can someone cofirm that this is the case.
I want to be able to return them if they're no use.


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Yes. Here is something copied and pasted from elsewhere.

Most modern day amps and all loudspeakers have the option to take banana plugs.

If you wish to use them with your hi-fi, the first thing to do is have a look at the binding posts, and remove the plastic plugs that are pushed into the holes on the binding post. These come out quite easily with a small screwdriver, and underneath is a 4mm hole for the plug. These plastic 'bungs' have to be included because of EU law (for some reason ?!?)


thanks for the tip. I did it last night. Not the easiest things to get out.


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The EU law was introduced because people thought that you plugged them into the mains..................


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