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Is it worth connecting TV, Vidio, DVD, Sky box into the AX10i using composite connection so when i select the input on the amp it automaticaly sends the pic to the tv.

Would the picture quality drop diverting the picture signal through the amp, or is it better taking the signal direct to the TV.

Its just that its a bit of a bind having to select the in put on the TV when watching different sources.


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It is worth connecting all through the amp, but not if you are only using a composite connection!! If you are running up to a display with component video inputs (three phono plug, red, green and blue) then if possible run your DVD component into the amp, Sky using a JS Technology RGB to Component converter to the amp, video will have to go composite (or SVHS if the VCR has it). The amp will convert non-component signals into component to send to the display.

If there's no component on the display, then you're best bet is RGB scart from the DVD and the Skybox. This isn't possible via the amp so you will need to consider a different approach.



I use the above mentioned JS-tech box.

If you are using composite now, unless your TV is really bad, you would see a big improvement by using s-video switched through the AX10. Component is a further smaller (for most sources) step up in quality. Buy yourself the necessary cables from CPC.com - no need for anthing fancy; just keep them as short as convenient. Twenty quid should cover it.

If you want to run the video direct, the idea with the AX10 remote is to program the "multi-operation" for each source to switch the TV input at the same time as the amp audio input.
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