ax10i volume autoset?


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Hi all

Having rebuilt my system this weekend i used the macc setup for the speakers. I noticed that the amp changes the volume automatically to do this then resets it to the previous volume when resuming.

This raises the question of whether i can tell the amp to adjust the volume depending on the input. I use the amp to switch video through an iscan ultra. This is good but i watch dvd at about -15db and sky at about -30db. So can i set a volume automatically when i switch inputs?

I know its a long shot

Any thoughts



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No as in no or no thoughts


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When amp adjusts for MACC its to set ref levels as you know,
but there is no way to set a basic volume for each input.

it will have to be manualy controlled each time

gmt steve

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But you can change the level of the Sky box's volume output in the Settings Menu. There isn't much range, but it can help to equalise levels.


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cheers, this has helped


Umm - not completely true that you can't adjust inputs. For analogue sources, you can adjust the level using the "input att" button (bottom right on LCD AMP setup screen 2). It's only digital sources that can't be adjusted.

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