Ax100e VGA connector


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Just got my spanking new ax100e just one snag im getting via VGA cable on xbox.... I got like shaddows around text on the dashboard like white shaddows to the right of every letter...any ideas? all the settings are on there defaults out the box the xbox is on widescreen 1024 x 768.


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Not sure whether it will solve the problem you're describing, but there is a known ghosting issue when feeding the AX100 a 720P signal (on all inputs) and to fix that you cycle through the aspect ratio options on the AX100 remote (until you return to the original aspect ratio). It appears to synchronize the Ax100 correctly and removes the ghosting.


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Sounds like poor cable quality to me. Have you tried a shorter good quality cable.


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I'd say that is almost certainly a poor qulaity VGA cable problem as I had exactly the same thing. New VGA cable eliminated it completely.


this is my second posting on the ax100e and sorry to sound negative, but if this looks like it ghosting issue this is a well known problem on this machine. it also manifests itself on the hdmi connector if you are using a pc. the cycling through the aspect ratios is the only known fix to date.

this is one cracking projector though :)


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Having tested both the VGA and component cables from the 360, I use compoment as it seems to offer a better pictures to me eyes (as well as better colours)


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I have been having these problems (see my previous post) using VGA, i am running 1280x720 but still getting jaggies and artifacts in the picture. i tried powerstrip but when you set 1280x720 within this program the picture dissappears i.e out of frequency, it also shows 113 hz in red when it resets. i can only set 1280x720 when powerstrip is switched off, for the life of me i can't work out what the problem is. as far as ghosting is concerned aspect does not work when in WIDE720 mode so not sure how i can cycle aspects to rid myself of that. anyone know why this projector does not seem to switch of the scaling totally when it is being fed 1280x720, the HS50 i had before was fine with same pc/graphics card and cable combo.



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I have only had mine for a few days (upgrade from a ae700), and have found absolutly no issues so far with this PJ. I have only tried HDMI (htpc) and component (360), but I have not seen any ghosting effects at all so far.

Not tried VGA at all, so cant comment on that, but as stated before I had this issue with the AE700 and VGA, and turning off NR fixed it for me.


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I was wondering if i could fix it with a graphics card that has hdmi but don't really want to spend the money for that and the 15 metre cable that i would also need if it dosen't cure the issue.
all i know is that it is really bugging the hell out of me to the point where i am spending more of my time trying to fix it than watching movies. my lamp already has 123 hours on it in about 4 weeks.

all the best. splice:(


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Actually i think my vga lead is 10 metres not 15 like i said in the previous post. But all the same this is the lead i have been using with the HS50 with no issue. and i tried it off my laptop with a 2 metre vga lead but same issues present. To me it just seems like some sort of scaling is going on still, and powerstrips 1280x720 resolutions simply make the projector blue screen and i have to ctrl alt s to get picture back and at this point powerstrip is showing the 113 hz in red, if i click on the slider it changes back to 60 hz but i simply can't apply the settings without losing the picture. I wouldn't have thought powerstrip is neccessary anyway as 1280x720 is a standard resolution anyway.

all the best. Splice


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well not tried component or hdmi yet dont have the cables nor the anb hdmi device as was basically the xbox cable genuine vga one with a belkin white vga extender lead about 3m atatached on it!

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