Awful internet speeds - Sky to blame?


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I've been a loyal Zen customer over the last 2 years, and made the move to ADSL in November after being on a fixed broadband service - the lure of 8mb seemed too appealing!

However from December, I've had problems with my line speed dropping to a whopping 129 kb/s. It has been as high as 4200kb/s, but something intermitendly keeps hitting my line and it gradually drops and it will then gradually creep back up to faster speeds about a week later. I spoke to Zen and they claimed that something last hit the line at midnight on 15/2 (it has also happened about 8 other times this year) - I wasn't using the computer or on the phone, so could Sky be to blame? Has anyone experienced problems with Sky affecting broadband speed?

The master phone line has a filter with Sky and the telephone (both plugged into the filter!), and upstairs and extension box with another filter which the modem is plugged into.

FYI my latest stats are:

Upstream 448
Downstream 4736
US Margin 23
DS Margin 9

Help does anyone know if Sky could be to blame or any ideal how to get my speed problems fixed?

I have the same problem with Demon and every now and again my connection will just drop. I just believed it was something to do with my usb modem. I have the same setup as you.

How does the extension box upstairs connect ?


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Thanks for the replies

Pixelpixel - I believe the extension box upstairs just takes a feed from the master socket (not certain though?). I've then got a filter on this and the modem plugged into the filter

Robocop - Had a read through and ran the Optimiser. My speeds have increased from 4736 to 5056 (every little helps!). However within the forum it states "optimising your TCP/IP settings will make no material difference to your connection stability". I think my problem is the connection stability. Any idea how to find out what is making my connection unstable?


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