AVS Video Converter help please!

Hi. I've recently purchased AVS video converter and am currently converting a file. Its a .DV file and i'm converting it to Mpeg. Its quite a large file at 2gb. Problem is, it has been converting for the past 6 hours! Is this normal?

My computer is not super fast but its ok, at 3gb RAM.

Anyone familiar with AVS? If so, is this conversion duration normal?

Thanks :thumbsup:

Chris Evans


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Sorry, only ever used any Video converter which is free!

How long is the DV file and what flavour of MPEG are you converting to ? Most modern PCs can manage real time for standard definition conversion and maybe 3 to 4 times the clip length for HD. 6 hours sounds a bit long, unless the source clip is more than an hour long, and you're converting to HD.

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