Question avr750 or avr550?


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Hi - sorry if this a bit of a predictable question, but i've been away from the forums for a few years and am now looking to replace my long serving and now dead avr250.

I've been interested for a while in getting an avr750 but they've been out of my price range. i've now found a discounted one for the same price as a new avr550. i guess i was wondering what people thought about the comparison between the two? i'm not sure i'm very interested in Dolby Atmos (should i be?) and i'll not be using it to stream video or audio. as far as i can tell the main difference is that one has new room correction technology and the other has the best quality amplification. basically, i want the best sound quality i can get for the money as i'll be using the receiver for home theatre but also as my main stereo (hence the attraction of arcam). i'm not sure which way to go. obviously, the answer is to have a listen to both. i was just wondering if anyone had any early thoughts.


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A very similar question was asked here -- Question - Replacing AVR400 with AVR550 or AVR750

Depending on what speakers you are running, but my instinct (having not hear a AVR550 yet) would be to go for the AVR550 as the room correction could/should provide a larger benefit than any improved amplification.

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