Avr630 Humming Harmon Amp



my new harmon kardon avr is making a humming noise all the time. it isnt coming from the speakers and seems to be localised to the amp, this is a new avr 630. do most peoples amps hum ? Any ideas how to solve the problem or am i just being too sensitive to my new system. i have never had a seperates amp before . would i be better getting a less powerful amp - would i get less hum from a less powerful amp ? could it be a problem with the transformer ?

also the amp keeps turning its self off after varying levels of time. i have tried unplugging all the speakers this hasnt helped.


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We have the AVR630 and it doesn't hum or switch itself off so it sounds like yours has a problem. I'd take it back to where you bought it from and ask them to swap it for another, preferably getting them to check it first.
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