AVR600 owners with 3D card and dual HDMI BD players!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Damian1978, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Ok. Bit of a specific one. Bare with me.

    Just updated my speakers yesterday and all was well. Today though my AVR went nuts when I powered it from the front. It kept rebooting when I put my BD player on. Powered down from the front then used the DVD for a bit and it started to do the same.

    Gave up and unplugged from the wall.

    Checked all connections and powered up again.

    Touch wood its fine but thought I'd do a factory reset of the AVR.

    This got me thinking....if you use the HDMI bypass mode on the AVR then connect a dual HDMI player to both AVR and TV it usually randomly fails at some point either stalling until the AVR is switched off or sound breaks up.

    Now I was told this is a HDMI handshake problem and its being either fed back from the TV or the second HDMI.

    Anyway, today on the Input setting of the AVR I selected Component instead of HDMI for the input I feed HDMI Audio to on the AVR. I then left HDMI for Audio input.

    So far it doesn't appear to be locking up or causing any grief. I assume this is possibly because the AVR os just taking the audio from that input and feeding non existing video to the HDMI out to my TV?

    If anyone has a similar setup and thia problem then give it a go and let me know.

    Was told to buy a £120 Gefen HDMI detective. This fix, if working, is totally free :)

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