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Hi all

I'm tweaking my Arcam AVR-400 in particular when I'm using it for stereo use.
The problem is when I switch between the various MODES i'm expecting to see something like
Left / Right OR Left / Right +SUB flash up on the display.
But all I see are the following modes :
PCM 2 /0.0
PCM 2 /0.0 + Dolby Pro Logic etc
PCM 2 /0.0 + Neo etc

I would like to be able to switch between the following modes :
Left / Right
Left / Rght + Sub

How do I do this from the remote without going into the setup menu?

I have attached screen shots and I think I have correctly "enabled" the above 2 options.
I'm not really feeling the presence of my Sub as I do with movies and Im trying various cd tracks that I'm familiar with.

My CD player is connected to the amp via a digital link

EQ off : on all my inputs I leave this as off as turning it on makes the sound quiet.

Dolby Volume off or on? : when I switch this on from the remote it gives the music more oomph and presence, should this be on for stereo use?

Sub Stereo volume : if I want the sub to go deeper should the setting be low or high as I have it?



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Stereo modes are about expanding the source to multichannel. You're trying to deal with the speakers. To use the sub you need to set the front speakers to small, the subwoofer to present, stereo mode to Sub+Sat, set the correct crossover (start at 80Hz and tweak until it's correct), and not select direct. More details in the manual on pages E-32, E-35 & E-37. To switch between L+R only or using the sub, select direct (L+R) or deselect it (as per setup).

BTW, Left/Right + Sub is not normally recommended. If your speakers can't handle the low frequencies, you merely end up sending them a signal that heats them up without achieving anything. OTOH, if your speakers can handle the low frequencies, you end up artificially boosting the bass. But if you do like an exaggerated, overblown bass, this is the setting to help you achieve it.

With music the presence of a sub should only be determinable by listening with the sub powered or not. If you can simply distinguish sound to be originating from the sub, something is awry. The situation with movie LFE tracks is not comparable.

Whether to use Dolby volume for music is up to your preference. EQ should not alter the overall level once it's been set up correctly, but as with Dolby volume, usage is a matter of personal preference.

To make a sub go deeper you have to buy a (larger) sub that goes deeper. The volume control merely makes it louder.
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Thanks for your advice this has solved so many problems in one go!

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