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Hello Forum,

This is my first post here, so hello everyone :hiya:

I read this forum since quite some time and would like to thank you all very much for sharing your knowledge! :thumbsup:

I upgraded my AVR200 / Denon 2910 recently to a AVR350 / DV139 combination after reading the advise on this forum. Since then, I spend some wonderful hours listening to music. Had to watch one movie yesterday since we had guests over and I must admit the quality was a big improvement to the Denon DVD playback as well, but still have to fiddle with the quality adjustments and the projector to get the most out of it. Still, the quality is a big improvement to the old setup which was tuned with a test DVD and two nights of adjusting details of the setup.
The music quality is so good that I did not have the time for that yet. :clap:

The only thing I was disappointed about was the quality of the remote (CR100), but I can live with that, and the fact that I have to point the remote directly to the AVR350 to adjust volume etc. The IR reception on the DV139 is a bit better, but still very bad. My comparison is a Bang & Olufsen system in the bedroom where you can point the remote anywhere in the room and the system responds at once. Also, the quality of the B&O remote is far better than the Arcam device.

To solve that problem, I ordered a Xantech 291-10 IR receiver as mentioned in the AVR350 manual and placed it below the center speaker. Also, I connected the AVR350 and the DV139 IR connection as explained in the manual.

This solved the problem. The remote still has to be pointed to the center speaker rather then being able to point it anywhere in the room, but the reception is reliable up to 9m (29,5 feet) distance. Far away from Bang & Olufsen standard, but audio quality vs. money is far away in the opposite direction, so I'm happy with that solution.

One thing I noticed: The AVR350 IR receiver is deactivated as soon as you plug in the Xantech device, but the DV139 receives IR signal through the Xantech device as well as through its own IR receiver.

Summary: If you own an AVR350 and your favourite listening position is not directly facing your equipment and very close to it, the Xantech 291-10 will make your life much easier :)


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Welcome srabu,
You might be a good candidate for a radio frequency remote: no pointing and about three times your current distance (through walls, cabinets, etc.). I'm fond of Universal Remote Control, but there are many others.
Enjoy the new gear,


Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your reply.
I'm happy with my current solution with the Xantech device.
However - out of curiosity - which "Universal Remote Control" are you talking about? Can I get a link, please?

Thank you & Best regards,


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Hi Stefan,
Go to universalremote.com, and check out the professional series. A good example of a manually programmed unit would be the MX-650. For a PC programmable one, look at the MX-850. Pair either of them with an MRF-300 base station and you're good to go. They make fancier remotes that do fancier things--color graphics, variables, etc.--but I like the price/performance level of these two.
Once you have an RF remote, you won't go back!

Mr X

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I have both the 350 and the 139. Was very frustrated with the IR reception but easily fixed with the purchase of a Harmony 885 remote. Excellent device and no probs with the IR range or pointing direction. :smashin:


Hi Charlie, Hi Mr X,

Thank you very much for your reply, much appreciated.

I must admit though: I just got used to my current setup and will stay with it for a while. IR reception with the Xantech device is acceptable for me and I'm getting used to the Arcam IR unit as well. ;)
It's not perfect, but the sound quality and the picture take my attention away from this "minor flaw".

Focusing only on Audio & Video quality for money, I cannot imagine getting anything that good for the money spend anywhere else. :D

Thank you & Best regards from a very happy Arcam owner,


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I actually thought my AVR350 remote was broken at first, its pretty much hit or miss weather its going to respond or not. You need to be almost exactly square on and even then I sometimes find it quicker to just get up and do it the old fashioned way :rolleyes:

My old yamaha remote for my AX1 work from pretty much anywhere.


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I have both the 350 and the 139. Was very frustrated with the IR reception but easily fixed with the purchase of a Harmony 885 remote. Excellent device and no probs with the IR range or pointing direction. :smashin:

Your not the only one!!!...It's driving me crackers:mad:
Looks like I'll be going back to the old faithful Sony RM touch screen remote:rolleyes:


Is there some logical reason why I'm thinking someone here has has an AVR350 and the remote sensor inside it wasn't flush with the casing?
For some reason this is ringing a bell and would also cause same symptoms...

Unfortunately I'm working so don't have time to sift through the forum...


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