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AVR300 Trouble with Recvr Menu


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I try to view the menu screen of the AVR300 but the picture on the TV is rolling so quickly that I can't figure out what I'm looking at. The only video going from my receiver to my TV is an S-Video connector. The video from my Tivo and DVD player go directly to the TV bypassing the receiver. Every once in a while the picture is fine such as during the first set up but also other times its fine but usually its rolling. Any help?:lease:


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Do you have anything else plugged into the same connection. The only time I have seen something like this is when two devices are playing and plugged into the same input on the tv. I had it when I plugged two devices into the scart block on the back of my tv, one s-video and one composite.

If its not that then I dont really know :)

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