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May 8, 2005
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Ok, so Arcam don't allow discounting or mail order (?? is this last one true - then how come Creative/Peter Tyson advertise Arcam on the web?), however, in this cut throat wrld we now live in, I'm sure most dealers will discreetly knock something off if pushed.

So, what's the best price anyone has managed to secure for an AVR300 either new or ex-dem? (no need to post the dealer's name on here!). Best I've seen online is Peter Tyson, who has the AVR300 listed at £1299 BUT you get £150 in vouchers from them to spend on your next purchase. Several plac es have Ex Dem models list at £995...I guess these could be negotiated down a tad?
Audio T (West Hampstead) have a black AVR300 exdemo for 800 pounds, well they did, looks like it's gone!

Only snag was they were selling it with a black DV79 at 600. Still, pretty good deal for the two.
I sold my AVR300 for £800, that would seem to be the going rate for one of these second hand or ex-demo. I also sold of our demonstration AVR250 for £700 last week.

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