AVR300 - sign of overheating?



I've had my AVR300 new since Oct 2005. Used almost daily, no real issues thus far. Yesterday had about 15 guests over and had some music playing in the background. All of a sudden the audio cut out as if mute had been pressed, but it wasn't muted.

Tried all sorts of things, turned it off/on, switched sources, volume up & down, mute on/off. Still no sound coming from the AVR300. Sometimes, after turning it off/on, the sound would come on, but faint, then a minute later it would be silent. No error codes on display. All this time the video feed from the Satellite thru the AVR300 was fine.

Did notice the AVR300 was warm/hot, more so than usual. With 15 people in the living room, it was a bit on the warm side. My AVR300 is in a audio cabinet with open back, both sides are perforatted metal and glass front door with atleast 2 inches of clearance above the AVR300.

One other observation: All 3 of my sources are digital, either coax or optical. But everytime I switched a source the AVR300 would be in digital mode (digital light on in display), and then flip to ANALOG in about 1 -2seconds. I figured this was the problem, since I don't have any analogue inputs connected.

Why was it not staying in digital mode?

I shut it off and after everyone left, a few hours later turned it back on, and everything worked ok as if nothing was wrong.

Is this a sign of overheating? I thought the AVR had a fan that kicked in when it got real hot. Should I be concerned?

Thanks, Zoran.
I found the thick black smoke from my ARV300 to be a dead give away....

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