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Sep 10, 2005
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I have a AVR300 and a Media Centre HTPC with a remote blaster. The remote blaster allows the PC to 'blast' remote signals along a 2 wire remote emitter (the remote emitter is a standard remote emitter its the type that works if you plu it into the AVR300 IR Out port)

Currently I have a remote extender connected to the IR In port of the AVR300, I have put the remote emitter that comes out of the HTPC next to the remote extender and can get the HTPC to operate the AVR300 (and any other device connected to it.)

This works pretty well although it all seems a little wasteful. I have electrical signals converted to IR by the remote emitter and then the IR converted to back to electrical signals by the remote extender before going into the AVR300. It strikes me that I should be able to run a wire directly from the remote blaster to the remote In port on the AVR300.

When I look at the mannual I can see that there a three wires coming out of the IR In port and 2 wires coming out of the blaster (+ and -).

Does anybody know if it possible to wire the AVR300 like this and if so what conenctions you would make?
I would have though a cable with a 3.5mm jack on each end would suffice for connecting the IR out on the HTPC directly to the IR in on the AVR300.

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