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Hi All

Just been checking my owners manual which claims that when all seven channel are being used 7.1 the power output is 100w. Is that figure per channel or total.

The reason I'm asking is another forum member who has just purchased some B&W 685 (100 watt) speakers has been advised that his current onkyo 605 only outputs 40w when driving multi-channel, Will I have the same problem with the 300?


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At last some real figures are now hitting the net. I have always had a beef about AV amps and especially all-in-ones quoting ridiculous output figures knowing full well the power supply could never cope.
For an AV amp to output 100 watts over 7 channels it would need a power consumption of at least 1000 watts, BUT what you have to remember is that not all channels are outputting max power all of the time, and also the rears tend to be a lot quieter than the fronts.
A couple of examples of amps that do quote ALL Channels driven are Cambridge Audio
540R quotes 5.1 100watts per channel with 800watt power consumption.
640R quotes 7.1 100watts per channel with 1400watts power consumption.
In reality the 640 produces over 170watts as not all channels will be driven exactly the same time from a mono source so all outputs are equal.
Bottom line for me when looking for a AV amp, 5.1, is 100watts per channel with at least a 600watts power consumption, if that was 7.1 I would look to have 850watts at least.

No doubt this will open a can of worms!

But is someone tells you their £200 all-in-one with 120watts power consumption delivers 1000watts output, just quietly walk away.


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An Arcam 350 has a power consumption of 1200VA and quotes all 7 channels driven = 100watts, NOW that makes sense.

Just had to check as Arcam make excellent amps and I was sure they are not into bloated figures like a lot of others.

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