AVR300 info and pics (?)


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Look further down the thread.

Is the FMJ gear that noise and unstable that they have to put it on plastic peg's......??????........:D


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Does anyone happen to know if the 300 will have a Phono (record deck ) input, or will this be an optional extra............???

Also have not seen any pic's of the remote yet................????
Is it ganner be a super duper learning remote, that can control all your gear, or just a standard Arcam remote.

Trying to decide between the 300, AX5i or AX10i

John Dawson

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Chris - there is no phono input - but there are several inexpensive and competent outboard solutions that will do the trick when fed into one of the AVR300's 7 line level inputs....

The remote is our CR80 - a very nice backlit learning remote also supplied with the AV8.


John Dawson (Arcam)


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Does anyone know if the P90 (3 channel) would be a suitable power amp for the AVR300? In home cinema I would guess it would be ok but when in stereo the AVR300 is rated at 120 watts where as the P90 only does 90....

Would this mean that the P90 would only be suitable for driving the treble of the front 3?

Also, does anyone know whether the P90 automaticly turns on/off with the AVR300?




How about the price in Europe (Eur currency)?


Enzo Forever.

John Dawson

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The European prices will be in the hands of Arcam's local authorised distributors and their dealers and no doubt will be somewhat dependent on local market conditions, VAT rates and so on. I expect typical retail prices in most countries in the EC to be just under 2000 Euros including VAT - i.e very much comparable with the UK retail of £1299.

As to Cameroni's question about using a P90 with the AVR300 - that should work very well. The difference in real power outputs per channel between the two units is quite small in practice and if it were me I would expect to use the P90 on the bass channels in the normal way. You should be able to switch the P90 on and off from the AVR300 using the remote 12V trigger - I'll try to confirm this later.

Hope this helps.

John Dawson (Arcam)


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John - I am sure I have already asked but I would like to confirm, can you re-assign the back channels of an AVR300 to Bi-Amplify the front speakers? Once this is done could you then take a separate power amp (or two mono-blocks;) ) to power the rears and get full 7 channel functionality.

I am assuming for straight Bi-Amplification using Arcam amps you just need to add a P80/90, How would this combination compare in stereo against something like a A80/P80/90.

My priority is Stereo so if the AVR is going to be far off of the pace of something like an A80 then I would consider just adding an A? (when finances allow) to my current system and dropping the Mono-Blocks but this means remembering to switch the A80 into AV mode etc, bit of a faff and not sure what the wife would think, not to mention all those boxes (AVR300/A80 + P80/90 would be the end goal if the SR was there also).

Can you tell I'm having a bit of a quandary. anyone know the AA Phone Number (Audioholics Anonymous):laugh:

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