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I had a demo of the AVR300 this weekend - an (early) production model, demo'd by an Arcam employee (South-East Sales Manager I think). The ARCAM guy was excellent - I got a good hour and half of his time, and he was willing to say 'I don't know' / 'No' when that was the case - a refreshing change from many in the sales channel!

Very impressed with what I heard (both in terms of the performance, and his answers to my specific technical questions.) Impressed enough to put an order on it there and then. Which comes to my point - AVAILABILITY.

I was advised that the amp is due to go into volume production in the next week 'or so' .. first shipments to fullfil (all/some?) of the pre-orders by end of May. However, I was advised that availablity is likely to be pretty limited until perhaps Aug/Sep. Perhaps it was a sales ploy to get me to sign on the dotted line! .. who knows, but I thought I'd pass the info on.

I didn't delve too deep - but it certainly appears to have video switching / upconverting features using/to RGBs that no other amps (that I'm aware of) have. Great news for many I'm sure.

Demo equipment used was: Arcam DV79 via HDMI to Pioneer 50" plasma, AVR300, Castle sub-sat speaker system. Small room (perhaps 8' x 12'). Demo material - 'Master & Commander' R2.
I listened to this system in isolation (no comparative tests).

The first 20 mins of that disc is a full combination of subtle quiet waves-on-hull, footsteps all around (above/below/etc.) type sounds, as well as full explosive incoming cannon fire. A full range of demo material without changing a disc! I was thrilled with what I heard - but as I stated earlier, there was no comparison AMP, and I have never heard these speakers before. However, I loved what I heard .. even at very high levels (up to 87db) during the cannon fire battles.



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Interesting-so the "guts" of the 300 are intrinsically different from AV8/P7 as the 300 didn't mind loud playback despite "DC offset" that is on the disc!(Don't shoot me down boffins-still sorting out my conundrum with P7 cut-out).It played through first 20 mins at 87 db no probs?Cheers.


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There were definitely no dropouts heard during the demo .. BUT, occasionally the volume was turned right down for a question - so its possible that happened at 12mins 40secs? .. obviously I wasn't watching the clock.


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What are you compairing it against...........as in what are you useing at the moment and how did it compare to that........i.e. surround sterring, low end thumps........????.

I was going away from the 300, as my 3803 is very good at decoding IMO and was all set to buy a A80/A90, when the local dealer through a spanner in the works and had the 300 for demo.
I had a look and it did look nice, now i'm thinking again weather to go for it or not.
Have not had a chance to get a demo yet and not sure when i can.....:confused: .

Wondering if this is going to be better than the 100/200 ( although i have not heard either and am only going on mag reviews and peoples opinions) as it is based around the AV8.
Spose the only way to know is to get up there and get a demo.


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Originally posted by chris
What are you compairing it against ...
My current system is an ARCAM DV78, an (older) DENON 2700 Receiver, driving Anthony Gallo sub-sat system. However, the room is much larger (approx 12' x 22') - so the comparison is very difficult to make. I'd also never listended to Master & Commander on my system at home. Certainly it was very different to my current system - but much of that was affected by being only 2 feet from the rear surrounds etc. The rear surround info was very different to what I'm used to (and certainly impressed in that sense as a demo)

I have chosen this against the Denon 3805 .. but again without a side-by-side comparison. I can live with the defficiencies of my selection methods! I know that ARCAM are taking this amp around their dealers - so I'd recommendd calling a list of local approved dealers - in case thewy have a demo day booked soon. My dealer had 2 full days (of a full range of ARCAM kit).

John Dawson has commented on a comparison between this am and some of their stereo AMPS .. but you'd need to search.

I can say that the ARCAM guy said the performance of the decoding part was VERY close to the AV8 - but I've never listened to that either.

As usual, only your own ears will tell you. I'd just say yes, great, very happy to all your 'subjective' questions - i.e. it was good for me.

Good luck with finding a demo


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And I also should have read my original query about AV8/P7 cut-out first as lots of tech stuff there about problem-Cheers.

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