AVR300 enough grunt?


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Hi all,

I was toying with upgrading my fronts and was thinking B&W, 704's or 805s'.
But a dealer I was talking to mentioned that my Arcam wouldn't be able to drive the 805s'.
He suggested that I might like to upgrade to the 600 or get a separate power amp.
Now that just blows my budget completely out of the water.
Currently, I bi-amp my fronts so that's 200W to each speaker.
Is that not enough for the 805s'?

Thanks in advance for your replies,

blue max

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Hi Dougie,

Clearly the amp can get a sound out of just about every speaker, but to get the full benefit, you really do need more.

Although with bi-amping with the on-board amps, you are giving the treble 100w and the bass 100w. In reality, the treble will only be able to use a tiny amount of that and the bass rather more (all to do with the physics of shifting air). Bottom line is you are better off with a power amp.

I might also suggest that the onboard amps are reasonable quality but not great (after all, there are seven of them and the amp is not hugely expensive). One high quality power amp is going to improve things noticeably.

So your dealer is correct, but I am sure it will still sound pretty good with decent speakers. You can always save up for the power amp for another time. Rome was not built in a day :D



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Your best option is the get the 300 and a good 2 channel amp. The 300's power is insufficient.

deaf cat

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Could you take your amp to the shop and demo the speakers, with and without power amp?
I think we know which will sound best ;-)

Bing very picky I noticed my AVR200 started to lack in smoothness if I went over 48 on the volume, and that was using a power amp, so the 200's pre was to blame. I believe the preamp in the 300 is much better:smashin:
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