AVR300/DV139 Sub Crossover frequency?


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Aug 21, 2007
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I've recently switched from a DV88 + AVR200 setup, to a DV139 + AVR300 system. I'm getting a very "boomy" sound in 5.1 mainly from the front speakers, which are ART Stilletto's (+ Skibo centre).

Since the ART's sound great in CD direct mode, I think this might be something to do with either amp/DVD player crossover settings? My sub is unchanged - a REL201E, but my 5.1 setup sounded better with the previous, much lower grade kit!

What am I doing wrong? Have tried amp settings of 100Hz and some below this, but with little improvement.

Any Arcamite advice would be welcomed - what is a typical crossover value for large front speakers (my rears are Dynaudio Audience 42's, just for completeness) with a sub in 5.1?

What are recommended settings on amp and DV139?

Thanks if you can help..have searched but with no luck so far..:confused:


The general starting point is 80hz for the crossover but as a thought, if the gain on your sub has not changed it may be worth checking the bass gain on the amp. If this is anything positive it would have the sort of effect that you describe.

Just to check the basics first.;)
As well as starting with Turtles' suggestions, you need to consider whether you have large+sub or small+sub, resp. whether you have bass going to sub or front+sub. See the setup menus.

Note also that "large" and "small" only roughly refer to the speaker's real size, it's actually a measure of bass response. 100Hz is rather high for a "large" speaker.

BTW, a sound pressure meter with a test DVD (one containing various frequencies at known levels) will help you tune your system.

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